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Publication requirements on schools and academies

August 30, 2016

The requirements on what information schools, academies and academy trusts must publish on their websites has changed a number of times over recent years with new government guidance and regulations.

From this September the latest update to the Academies Financial Handbook  places more specific requirements on academy trusts to publish information about their governance arrangements.

The requirements on schools, academies and trusts are formally set out in a number of places – the DfE’s Governance Handbook; Regulations for maintained schools; their funding agreement and the Academies Financial Handbook  for trusts and academies; plus for academy trusts, aspects of general companies legislation.

Whilst the changes over recent years have primarily added to the information that must be published, the requirements to publish some specific items have been removed.

If you are unsure of what the new requirements are or how they will affect you, if you would like advice and support in ensuring that you are publishing the correct information, or a ‘compliance audit’ to check that you are meeting the requirements, please get in touch.





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