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Mike Cooper is an independent, self-employed, advisor and consultant working to support and promote the development of community engagement, scrutiny and governance in the public, not for profit, voluntary and community sector.

Mike has extensive and detailed knowledge and understanding of public involvement, consultation, partnerships and relationships, scrutiny and governance particularly in the fields of education, health, wellbeing, social care and local government, gained from his work as an independent consultant and experience as an elected councillor, chair of governors and chair of an academy trust, including:

  • relevant legislation, powers and duties, roles and responsibilities of statutory agencies their partners and stakeholders
  • engagement of board members, community representatives and other partners and stakeholders;
  • planning, commissioning and service provision in health and social care;
  • school governance and leadership;
  • the establishment and development of academy trusts;
  • what involvement and scrutiny can achieve and how it can be effective; and
  • the structures and processes of local authorities, education and schools, the NHS and the voluntary and community sector, and the relationships between them.

As Chair of Governors, Mike led his school – a large and successful suburban secondary school – through the conversion to becoming an academy, and now as Chair of the Board of Trustees he leads the trust’s development as a dynamic and growing multi academy trust. Mike uses his detailed and practical knowledge and experience of school governance and of academy conversion to advise schools, governors and trusts.

Mike understands the perspectives of non-expert lay members ­– councillors, governors and community and voluntary sector representatives – and has been commended for his ability to explain things in ways they understand and are relevant to them.

As an advisor and consultant Mike has carried out a wide range of work in supporting the development of public involvement and scrutiny with a wide range of local authorities – boroughs, unitaries and counties of all sizes and political and social composition – NHS organisations, school governing bodies, academy trusts and voluntary and community organisations, throughout London and across southern England.

Mike has successfully prepared, facilitated and delivered training and development activity, from informal briefings, through detailed training sessions and practical workshops, to large conferences, for members, officers, volunteers and participants, with all levels of experience and knowledge; and provided appropriate and accessible reports and documentation.

Mike has an extensive knowledge of different approaches to and experiences of public involvement, governance and scrutiny, of the challenges they face, good practice from around the country, and what works and what does not.

Mike was an elected borough councillor for 17 years, playing a leading role in the administration, culminating with three years as Leader of the Council. He has been a school governor for many years and is currently Chair of the Board of Trustees of a growing multi academy trust.

Mike also has extensive practical experience as a communications, design and publications consultant. He was previously a systems analyst and computer consultant.

You can down load  my  CV.

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