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Recent work

School governance:

Research and analysis and production of briefing materials on education legislation, school management, governance and accountability, the role of governors and the role of the local authority in education.

Support and advice to school leaders and governing boards on strategic development, policy formulation and review, stakeholder engagement,   publications and websites.

Review of governance and advice to school governors and academy trustees on the  options for its development, including alternative structures and procedures for decision making, delegation and scrutiny.

Advice and briefings to school leaders and governing bodies on academy conversion and their options for forming an academy trust or joining an existing MAT.

Health and social care:

Analysis and briefing on the 2010 Health and Public Health White Papers and the Health and Social Care Act 2012, with specific regard to involvement, accountability and scrutiny, and the role of the local authority and public, patient and carers groups; production of briefing notes for councillors and voluntary/community sector reps.

Centre for Public Scrutiny:

Regional Advocate for London and the South East: facilitation, coordination, advice and support for regional and cross-borough overview and scrutiny activity and member development to local authorities in London and South East regions, liaison and relationship building between local authorities and with NHS and CQC partners.

SW Scrutiny Network:

Facilitation of session on health scrutiny in the new NHS landscape, the changes and developing relationships, to members and Council and NHS officers at SW Network event; production of report and ‘top tips’ guide.

Unincorporated charity:

Advice and support to a small charity dedicated to supporting children in Sri Lanka: including development of governance, administrative procedures and policies, membership and supporter management, promotions, communication and engagement.

Bristol City Council:

Health Reforms Scrutiny Development Area, support and advice on understanding roles of and developing relationships between agencies in the new healthcare landscape; facilitation of workshops, production of briefings and reports.

School partnership:

Support and guidance to a group of 15 secondary schools on transition to academy status and development of a local schools partnership, including analysis and briefings, governance and policy development, support to governors and headteachers.

Local Involvement Network / potential Healthwatch:

Advice and briefing to a Local Involvement Network on the implications of the Government’s NHS reforms and the move from LINks to HealthWatch.

Local Involvement networks:

Development of Toolkit for Local Involvement Networks’ self-assessment and assessment by local authorities and voluntary sector partners, and facilitation of sessions to review LINks’ effectiveness and prepare for their transition to HealthWatch.

Norfolk CC:

CfPS Health Reforms Scrutiny Development Area; advice and support to help prepare for changes affecting health scrutiny, including developing relationships with CCGs, Health and Wellbeing Boards and other partners and stakeholders, and provision of briefing documents and planning a stakeholder seminar.

Barking & Dagenham, Redbridge and Waltham Forest LINks:

Development and delivery of an intensive and practical 2-day training course as part of the process of authorising representatives for Enter and View, and advising the three LINks on the development of their Enter and View procedures.

East of England regional health scrutiny chairs group:

Support to the development health scrutiny engagement and joint work with NHS partners and joint scrutiny, across the region and on specialised commissioning; plus helping to plan ½ day regional health scrutiny conference, chairing and facilitating conference, producing conference report and briefings for members and officers, and presenting proposals for development to members’ forum.

S W Health Scrutiny Network:

Research, development and drafting of protocols for establishing joint health scrutiny committees across S W England to scrutinise proposals for specialised commissioning, including liaison with and advice to individual authorities/scrutiny committees and the NHS regional Specialised Commissioning Group.

L B Bromley / Bromley LINk:

Support and advice to local authority on establishment of LINk, relations with LINk and Host and contract monitoring; support to LINk over 9 month period up to appointment of Host to enable its successful establishment, including production of governance procedures and policies, facilitation of meetings, advice and support to participants; handover and support to Host.

L B Camden:

Preparation and facilitation of member development session on effective health scrutiny and relations with NHS partners.

L B Redbridge

Preparation and facilitation of member development session on the role of health scrutiny members, in particular in NHS commissioning and health inequalities.

L B Islington / Islington LINk:

Management of transitional LINk activity and support to emerging LINk on behalf of local authority; including support to LINk members and facilitation of conference.

Lambeth LINk:

Advice and support to local authority, Host and LINk on development of LINk governance.

L B Kingston

Support and advice on development of effective health scrutiny and facilitation of briefing/development sessions for members.

Centre for Public Scrutiny Expert Adviser:

Support and advice to LINks in Lambeth, Redbridge, City of London, primarily on the role of LINks, governance, legislation, development of relationships. Support and advice to Councils on establishment of LINks in Kingston, Islington, Plymouth, Hounslow; including briefings and guidance, facilitation of and presentations to stakeholder meetings and conferences.

Support and advice on the development of health scrutiny in Redbridge, Camden, Kingston, Islington, Hackney, Lambeth, Barnet, Buckinghamshire, Bromley, North Somerset and Kent; including support and advice to members and officers, provision of briefing and guidance notes, facilitation of meetings, member briefings and development.

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