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What they say

Mike has an engaging style that works well with both members and officers and he encouraged participation from the audience. (Local Authority scrutiny officer)

I would definitely use Mike again, and I would happily recommend him, too.  He was very good to work with. Mike was very knowledgeable about the topic (the implications for scrutiny of The Health & Social Care Act) and was able to answer the Councillors’ questions in an informative manner. (Local Authority scrutiny officer)

Mike did a fantastic job; he went out of his way to answer all of the questions, and it was clear how informed and interested he is in scrutiny. (Local Authority scrutiny officer)

Mike – thanks again for all your hard work, I know both officers and Members have found it very useful. (Local Authority scrutiny officer)

Mike was knowledgeable and provided supporting documentation that was self explanatory and well developed. (LINk manager)

Mike listened and provided answers to our challenges.  The focus on governance was excellent. (LINk manager)

We are very pleased with the training packs and have had feedback from many who have attended the courses you facilitated that they feel the information provided has been very informative. (LINk manager)

Mike, many thanks for the session on Tuesday, I think most of them left feeling a bit more enlightened than they were when they arrived.  I think it was pitched just right in terms of focusing on what they could achieve. (Local Authority scrutiny officer)

Mike – on behalf of the working group and our respective chairs, thank you for all your hard work on this (the conference and report).  I am sure that the scrutiny Forum will be working much more productively in the future. (Local Authority scrutiny officer)

Mike sees the big picture for the LINk.  He places it within the wider context of people rather than institutions and structures. (LINk manager)

Mike – thank you for the notes which are hugely helpful and which I think the group will be very grateful for as it is the clearest explanation I have seen of the transitional position (for the establishment of LINks). (Local Authority officer)

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